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Flight School

Your dreams of flying can become reality!  With MAS, you can earn your private pilots license by training with one of our great FAA Certified Flight Instructors. 

The training takes place at your own pace and it's affordable too.

We utilize the Cessna Computer Based Instruction Kit to allow you to work you ground school at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.  This kit is a wonderful tool and can only be purchased through a Cessna Pilot Center, such as MAS, to ensure that you get the best training available.

Testing Facility

At MAS, we also provide the convenience of a Laser Grade Computerized testing facility right on site.  No need to travel to take your written test, we've got it all right here at MAS!  All FAA Knowledge Exams can be taken at your convenience in our great Laser Grade Room!

Give us a call today to get started achieving your dreams of flying on your own!